Jey Uso’s New WWE Merchandise Has Fun With YEET Controversy

WWE had a problem with YEET, so it was no YEET. Now, it is YEET once again, but the company is still having trouble with that period of time when it was “no YEET.”

YEET is Back in WWE

Jey Uso made YEET pop with the WWE Universe. This is something that the Usos were saying for a while, as they brought the saying over from other places, but Jey Uso really gave it a life of its own.

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The YEET trademark was a matter of dispute for a moment, and a big question mark hovered over Jey Uso’s famous word. That cause the company to list his YEET merchandise as “sold out,” but that was only for a limited time.

YEET is Blurred in New WWE Merchandise

WWE was able to work out the legal situation involving YEET, so they can use it again. Now, they have dropped a new piece of merchandise to commemorate that period of time when fans couldn’t get their hands on any YEET merchandise.

The company released a YEET shirt, but the word is blurred on the front. This is a nice touch, and it only proves that they are well aware that this story was a hot topic with fans.

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What Does YEET Mean?

YEET did not originate from pro wrestling but gained popularity in Vine videos around 2014. People began using the word before executing significant moves or tossing objects. Over time, it transformed into a viral meme and found its way into various contexts, including video games and, more recently, pro wrestling.

The Problem With YEET in WWE

WWE’s trademark issue concerning Jey Uso’s YEET is clear-cut. The trademark was previously owned by Kasey Huffman, an independent professional wrestler from West Virginia, who has held the rights to the term “YEET” since 2021. This situation has led to evident complications.

WWE and Kasey Huffman were apparently able to work out a deal, because it is YEET once again for Jey Uso in WWE. Now, it is off to the races with new merchandise to make up for the short period of time that it was no YEET at WWE’s official shop.

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Jey Uso recorded a short plug for his new merchandise backstage at RAW. He proudly proclaimed that it’s his YEET now.

You can check out Jey Uso’s WWE Shop collection here. Odds are they will load it up with YEET now that they have the green light.

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