WWE Rumor Roundup: Major CMLL Star To Start in NXT

The WWE Rumor mill is never ending, and in this daily WWE Rumor Roundup, we’re going to address the latest rumors that are out out there on social media to help separate fact from fiction for our readers.

Always take these rumors with a grain of salt, because although some of these sensationalized headlines can seem more exciting than the usual news cycle, they are just that right now…rumors.

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Here are the rumors that are doing the rounds this week and everything you need to know to keep up with the latest updates.

WWE Rumor Roundup – w/c July 8th 2024

  • Fightful reporter Corey Brennan has claimed that Stephanie Vaquer will be starting in NXT for the same reason that Giulia is: “Stephanie Vaquer will begin in NXT for the same reason as Giulia. She has wrestled for most of her career in one country and has not experienced the WWE and American way of life. It’s nothing to do with their in ring work.”
  • WrestleVotes has claimed that there is “no heat” on referee Rod Zapada after the mishap during the MITB World Heavyweight Championship match on Saturday night: “I’m told there is no real heat on referee Rod Zapada following the mishap on Saturday night during the World Championship match. A source said, ‘In years past, absolutely.’” – We’ve also heard from several sources in recent times that things Vince McMahon and co would’ve absolutely come down on talent and staff for are being let go by Triple H and management now, just another reason that morale is way up backstage.
  • Fightful Select has claimed that TNA star Joe Hendry is set to be featured “heavily” on NXT programming in the coming weeks and months: “Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has been told by multiple sources in NXT that there are plans to use Hendry ‘heavily’ as part of the NXT and TNA crossover in the coming weeks and months. Following his debut, Brennan was told that WWE would look to focus on Hendry’s ability to go viral, with small teases being deemed enough for the Scottish wrestler.” Corey has several sources at NXT and has been reporting correct information over the past year or so, so this is highly likely to happen.
  • PWN recently claimed that WWE is talking about introducing women’s versions of its Intercontinental and U.S. championships, and Dave Meltzer backed up those claims by stating on Wrestling Observer Radio that there would be “one belt for each brand.” PWN is a network comprised of accounts getting inside info, including Viper Reports who has offered solid insight in the past, so we can easily see this happening.

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