WWE Speed: Superstars React Ahead of Tournament to Crown Inaugural Champion

The announcement that WWE Speed will feature its own champion has certainly gotten the Superstars of WWE talking. 

WWE Speed was announced earlier this year and will stream exclusively on Twitter/X starting on April 3. This week, it was announced that the show will feature its own championship. The first champion will be crowned via a tournament though no names have been confirmed as of this time. 

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WWE Superstars React

The prospect of a new championship and becoming the inaugural WWE Speed Champion has proven to be enticing to the WWE roster. On Twitter, Noam Dar said there’s not much he can’t finish in the WWE Speed three-minute time limit. 

Nathan Frazer said that his name being associated with the WWE Speed Championship just makes sense. 

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Cedric Alexander is ready to use his agility to his advantage as part of WWE Speed.

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WWE Speed: Changes Made 

WWE Speed will feature three-minute matches, meaning there’ll be no time for Superstars to waste in their pursuit of victory. There’s no word yet on what the new WWE Speed Championship will look like. 

Matches for the new show were first filmed at the December 16, 2023, edition of WWE SmackDown. Corey Graves, who appeared in this week’s WWE Speed announcement video, was on commentary for these matches, as was Kevin Patrick. It’ll be interesting to see if the commentary is changed given Kevin Patrick’s release 

Originally, the matches were given a five-minute time limit, but the video announcement this week said matches will last three minutes at max. It’s unclear if the matches filmed in December will be edited to fit the time limit.