Real Name: Maxwell T. Friedman
Birth Date: March 15, 1996
Age: 26 Years
Hometown: Plainview, NY
Height: 5'11"

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, best known as MJF, is an American pro wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Despite being in his mid-20s, MJF has earned admiration from many in the industry due to his heel character work.

He has drawn comparisons to Ric Flair and Roddy Piper for his refusal to break character and ability to rile up a crowd.

Early Wrestling Career

After being trained by Brian Myers and Pat Buck as part of the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, MJF made his professional debut in 2015 for CZW.

Working under the name ‘Pete Lighting,’ he mostly competed in tag matches for his rookie year, being reinventing himself as Maxwell Jacob Feinstein in September 2016.

In April 2018, MJF captured the CZW World Heavyweight Championship, but would also work for MLW.

In September 2017, MJF signed with MLW and would enjoy a winning streak before beating defeated by Brody King in January 2018.

One of the biggest wins of his career thus far came at the May 2018 Intimidation Games, where he got an upsect victory over WWE alum MVP.

That July, MJF became the first-ever MLW World Middleweight Champion, and retained the title in August against Joey Janela.

In November, MJF had his second title defense, retaining against Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta, but was stripped of the title that same month after a fractured elbow made him unable to defend the title.

Returning from injury in February 2019, MJF unsuccessfully challenged then-Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart.

Aligning himself with Richard Holliday, the two formed ‘The Dynasty’ capturing the MLW World Tag Team Championships.

MJF left the promotion in January 2020 to focus more of his attention on AEW.


In January 2019, MJF signed a five-year deal with AEW, making him one of the company’s originals.

MJF made his in-ring debut at the inaugural Double or Nothing Pay Per View, and was the last person eliminated in the Casino Battle Royal, losing to Adam Page.

On the first AEW Dynamite that October, MJF defeated Brandon Cutler, but would ‘seemingly’ turn face the following week.

Intervening during a beatdown on Cody Rhodes, the pair formed a friendship, with MJF even calling Rhodes his “best friend.”

While MJF was friendly whenever Rhodes was around, he was his usual heel self behind Cody’s back.

At Full Gear 2019, MJF would throw in the towel during Cody’s match with then-AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, and per the match’s stipulation, Rhodes was barred from ever competing for the AEW World Title.

Post-match, MJF revealed his true colors, turning on Cody and igniting a feud between them.

Cody Rhodes Feud

In early 2020, Rhodes and MJF would rekindle their feud, with the Salt of the Earth agreeing to face Rhodes under three stipulations.

Rhodes agreed to the stipulations: he couldn’t touch MJF prior to their match, he had to beat Wardlow in a Steel Cage match, and had to take ten lashes on live TV.

Completing all three, MJF would defeat Rhodes at Revolution 2020, using the Dynamite Diamond Ring he had won in November 2019.

While many expected Rhodes, the veteran performer who had been pushed consistently in AEW, to win, it was MJF who got the victory, cementing his position as one of AEW’s upcoming top stars.

The Pinnacle

After a brief feud with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, which saw MJF suffer his first singles defeat at the All Out 2020 Pay Per View, the cocky wrestler turned his attention to Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle.

After Jericho and MJF performed a modified rendition of ‘Me and My Shadow’ which earned them a mention in the New York Times’ Best Performances of 2020 article, the pair faced off at Full Gear.

Once more, MJF got the win over his more experienced opponent, earning a spot for himself and Wardlow in the Inner Circle.

This proved to be an issue for Sammy Guevara, who quit the group, but returned in March 2021, after it was revealed that MJF had planned a coup against Jericho.

In response, MJF debuted his own faction ‘The Pinnacle,’ consisting of himself, Wardlow, Shawn Spears, Tully Blanchard, and FTR.

Competing in May’s Blood and Guts match, The Pinnacle defeated the Inner Circle, though the match was criticized for the fake-looking finish that saw Jericho land on padding.

Getting their win back in the Stadium Stampede match that same month, Jericho would end the feud at All Out, defeating MJF in a match where the former’s career was on the line.

CM Punk Feud

After feuding with Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho, MJF continued on his path of established names by feuding with CM Punk.

The feud began in November 2021 when Punk interrupted MJF’s promo, and in February 2022, MJF gave Punk his first defeat in AEW, and first wrestling defeat in over eight years.

Dubbing Punk ‘PG Punk,’ MJF continued to belittle his opponent who he claimed had gone soft during his WWE tenure and hiatus from wrestling.

At March’s Revolution event, Punk got his win back in a Dog Collar Match, kicking off MJF’s next big feud in the process.

Wardlow Feud

While Wardlow had been brought in as the bodyguard of MJF in November 2019, the two had grown distant during the Punk feud.

In early 2022, Wardlow started showing signs of a face turn by refusing to join in with the Pinnacle’s beatdowns.

Wardlow stopped Shawn Spears from attacking Cezar Bononi, after the latter had lost to Wardlow, teasing tensions between Wardlow and the entire Pinnacle.

At Revolution, after weeks of being berated, Wardlow turned face, aiding Punk in his victory over MJF.

Like previous opponents, MJF made Wardlow go through several tasks to get a match with him.

After defeating Spears in a Cage match (which MJF officiated) and taking 10 lashes by MJF, Wardlow got his match, following a two-year build towards this match.

At Double or Nothing 2022, Wardlow defeated MJF, freeing him from the bodyguard contract, and the powerhouse was signed to AEW immediately after.

Fallout with Tony Khan

MJF may have lost at Double or Nothing 2022, but prior to the event, there had been speculation he wouldn’t even show up.

Double the fan-fest weekend prior to the show, MJF no-showed a meet-and-greet and didn’t respond to calls by AEW management.

While first believed by fans to be part of MJF’s character work, it was later confirmed that he was meant to appear.

On the June 1, 2022 edition of Dynamite, MJF cut a scathing promo about not being respected by fans or Tony Khan.

Calling Khan a “f***ing mark,” MJF said that ex-WWE talent get treated better, and dared Khan to fire him.

The next day, his profile was removed from AEW’s website and his merchandise was pulled.


MJF has made it publicly known that his contract with AEW will expire in January 2024.

Despite being a prominently featured star, MJF has openly teased signing with WWE, and it has been reported that there is interest in him from the Connecticut-based promotion.

Tony Khan has reportedly granted MJF a raise, but it is said to still be very little compared to what ex-WWE talent are making.

MJF has turned down offers for a new deal that would see his current contract be extended.

Career Highlights

  • AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring winner
  • MLW World Middleweight Champion (first)
  • CZW World Heavyweight Champion
  • WON Best on Interview Award winner (2021)
  • WON Most Charismatic winner (2020)
  • PWI Feud of the Year (2021) with Chris Jericho
  • PWI Faction of the Year (2021) The Inner Circle
  • PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2021)

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