Liv Morgan Discusses The Role Of The Riott Squad In Her WWE Career

Before Liv Morgan became WWE’s Queen of Extreme, she began her wrestling career as a member of The Riott Squad. A trio of NXT standouts which featured Morgan, Sarah Logan, and the team’s fearless and conniving leader Ruby Riott (now known as Ruby Soho in AEW). During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former Women’s Champion provided some insightful commentary on her formative time with the trio. 

When asked about as chapter in her career where she saw a lot of personal improvement, Morgan said it was when she got called up to the main roster in late 2017. Shenoted how being a part of the Riott Squad as a rookie on the main roster helped her shed self-doubt and insecurities about her in-ring work. Furthermore, she stated how the team’s heavy work schedule helped her get good “reps” in.

“Honestly, probably when I got called up to SmackDown. I don’t know what it was, I think because in NXT, I felt like I was trying to make it to the next level so I felt, I guess very insecure because I felt like any mistake I made would enable me from making it to the next level.

Then when I finally got called up, I didn’t really have that fear anymore. So I don’t know, it’s just I was able to flow better. I had less pressure and less fears and I had The Riott Squad with me, I owe so much to Ruby and Sarah for kind of taking me under their wing and guiding me and teaching me.

So I feel around that time is when I really progressed. Also we were doing so many live events. When you’re doing so many reps it’s hard not to get better because we were just working so much.”

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While The Riott Squad lasted for a little over two years on the WWE main roster, the trio never quite conquered the women’s divisions of RAW and SmackDown like they would have liked. The team was essentially dissolved in April 2019, when Morgan was drafted to SmackDown in a “Superstar Shakeup”. 

Despite their eventual breakup, the three talented stars remained good friends through it all. In 2021, Liv Morgan reposted a photo of all three stars getting matching tattoos to commemorate the anniversary of their debut on the main roster, dubbing November 21st as “Riott Squad Day”

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Liv Morgan looks walk out as Champion at The King and Queen of the Ring

Morgan is set to go one-on-one with World Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at the King and Queen of The Ring Tournament in Saudi Arabia next week. 

The 29-year-old star has never defeated Becky Lynch in a one-on-one match, and her last PLE title win was last summer. When she and Raquel Rodrigez won the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Morgan hasn’t held single’s Gold since 2022. 

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Becky Lynch won the World Women’s Championship on the April 22nd edition of Monday Night RAW, shortly following Rhea Ripley’s relinquishing of the belt due to an injury caused by Liv Morgan. The Man of WWE won the title in a grueling 14-woman Battle Royal, last eliminating Morgan to secure the win. 

Liv Morgan’s main event status has been called into question several times by her critics,  but a win over one of the biggest female stars in WWE would instantly silence them.