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MAILBAG: What Can WWE Do To Get The Fans To Stop Booing John Cena?

Short of turning him heel, can anything be done? Plus, what role would Benoit and Guerrero have in today's WWE or TNA if they were still alive, black WWE champions, Trevor Murdoch and more

MAILBAG: Do You Think TNA Could Sell Out Madison Square Garden?

Also Q&A on bringing War Games to Survivor Series, should WWE or TNA partner with a Japanese promotion, where is Evan Bourne, and banning Daniel Bryan's diving headbutt

MAILBAG: Did Triple H Help or Hurt Curtis Axel On Monday Night?

One reader is furious with the way The Game treated Axel on Raw -- plus, could WWE find it's next big Latin star in TNA, partnering Nexus and The Shield, and a fantastic visual depiction of The Plane Ride From Hell in 2002

MAILBAG: Who Are The Best And Worst Babyfaces In WWE History?

Why the biggest babyface in WWE may have also been the biggest villain -- plus, where is Christian, why did Bobby Lashley leave WWE and could a John Cena heel turn have the same impact that Hogan's did in WCW?

MAILBAG: What Should Headline WrestleMania 30?

If Steve Austin agreed to come back and wrestle CM Punk at WM XXX, and WWE also booked John Cena against The Undertaker, which match should headline the show?

MAILBAG: Are You For Or Against The Rock Being WWE Champion?

One reader finds it ridiculous the title is on a part-time performer -- plus, Triple H's "Reign of Terror", bad WrestleMania weather and is the WWE product as bad today as it was in 1995?
Paul Bearer

MAILBAG: God’s Plan For Bearer Death, Colter Managing Brodus, Booing Cena and More

One reader feels Paul Bearer's death gives Taker vs. Punk a purpose, almost like God planned it that way -- do you agree?

MAILBAG: Will Dolph Ziggler Cash In At WrestleMania?

What are the odds we see Dolph Ziggler cash in his briefcase at MetLife Stadium? -- plus, could the 2001 Invasion have lasted longer, has TNA killed Mr. Anderson and would Lex Luger have eventually become WWF champion?

MAILBAG: Do You Consider Rock To Be A Paper Champion?

Can such a thing even exist in pro wrestling? Plus -- "Lunchtime Suicide" with Tim White, CM Punk once again missing out on the WrestleMania main event, Daniel Bryan as a goofball and Sunny gets personal with Elmo

MAILBAG: Would You Rather See Austin face Cena or Punk?

If the Rattlesnake were to wrestle one more mach, should it be against John Cena or CM Punk? -- plus, Big Show retiring Hulk Hogan, doing Lesnar vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania, the Starrcade '97 finish and Zack Ryder's "Hoeski" music video

MAILBAG: Will HHH Taking Over WWE Be A Good Thing?

Will things change for the better or get worse once Triple H takes over from Vince McMahon? -- plus, is Jeff Hardy leaving TNA, Muhammad Hassan's departure and who is the greatest WWE champion of all time?

MAILBAG: Should Undertaker “Pass The Torch” at Mania?

Does someone like Brock Lesnar or CM Punk need a WrestleMania win over the Dead Man or should The Streak stay alive? -- plus, will Rock retire in 2013, fans throwing debris in WCW and John Cena vs ... The Ultimate Warrior?

MAILBAG: Is Hulk Hogan The Greatest Face/Heel Ever?

Does anyone come close to the Hulkster's success as both the "Real American" and nWo villain? -- plus, Duke "The Dumpster" date raping women, Randy Orton putting people over and do you want to see Cena vs. Undertaker at WM30?

MAILBAG: Is Hulk Hogan Still a Big Money Draw in 2012?

Is The Hulkster worth the investment TNA has made in him and can he still draw? -- plus, offering a new team name for Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Submit your questions to [email protected] and now on Twitter via @solomonster!

MAILBAG: How Many REAL Superstars Does WWE Have?

With so many big names no longer around, how many truly BIG stars does WWE have these days? -- plus, the "stiffest" WWE matches of all time, an NXT draft, the origins of GTV and would a Linda McMahon loss spell the end of PG?

MAILBAG: Something Special For Raw’s 20th Anniversary?

Raw celebrates 20 years in January. What can WWE do to make it special? -- plus, has The Undertaker ever submitted, changing the Royal Rumble, Wade Barrett's future and what if Cena was gone from WWE?

MAILBAG: Can TNA Ever Seriously Compete With WWE?

They've been around for 10 years, but what does TNA need to do to get to that next level? -- plus, did HHH nix Mick Foley's feud with Dean Ambrose, origins of Undertaker's streak and WWE "mistakes" that turned to gold

MAILBAG: Did Andre The Giant Deserve A Run As Champion?

Did the "8th Wonder of the World" deserve a long WWE title run? Plus, what happened to The Patriot, Jeff Hardy's WWE departure & video game storylines on WWE TV

MAILBAG: Will Cena Rank Among The Greats Like Hogan & Austin?

John Cena's career is far from over, but when it is, how will you view him? -- plus, the greatest Divas match of all time, comparing Aces and Eights to the nWo and why was Mister Kennedy released from WWE?

MAILBAG: Aliens Have Landed, What Match Do You Show Them?

If aliens landed on earth (and no, I'm not talking about illegals) and you wanted to show them a match that perfectly encapsulates pro wrestling, what would you show them? -- plus, WWE recycling gimmicks, Paul Heyman in the Hall of Fame next year and more

MAILBAG: Which Commentator Deserves a HOF Induction Next?

One reader suggests Joey Styles, but there is another name to consider – plus, the best and worst WrestleMania, which promotion should McMahon buy next, and is keeping CM Punk on the undercard killing the WWE Title?

MAILBAG: What Happens To WWE When Vince Is Gone?

What might WWE look like without Vince McMahon? -- plus, the problem with the Big Show firing angle, Brock disrespecting wrestling and the greatest match we never saw

MAILBAG: Who Had The Better Career, Rock or Shawn Michaels?

Let us know what YOU think in the comments section -- plus, doing another three-city WrestleMania, would McMahon buy TNA, another Undertaker title run and more

MAILBAG: Should The Undertaker Ever Lose At WrestleMania?

One reader makes the case for the dead man losing at Mania and seeking vengenace -- plus, Warrior in the Hall of Fame, Davey Richards in WWE and Rock's salary

MAILBAG: Is Rock vs. Cena The Biggest Match In History?

WWE says it is, but is it true? -- plus, will we see a WCW "One Night Stand" show, was Karl Malone a bigger draw in wrestling than Mike Tyson, and what will Cena do after Mania?

MAILBAG: What Jump To WWE Would Hurt TNA The Most?

What wrestler would hurt TNA the most by making the leap to WWE -- plus, are the fans complaining about Rock and Cena really just playing into the company's hands?

MAILBAG: Will WWE Move CM Punk Over To Smackdown?

There is one "stone cold" reason why this won't happen -- plus, why is it OK for Jerry Lawler to still wrestle, but not Ric Flair? And what's with all the Jersey hate for WM29?

MAILBAG: Cena vs. Rock, Who Should Go Over At WrestleMania?

Considering what's good for business, who should win at WM28? -- plus, why did Hogan and Michaels never have a rematch, what killed women's wrestling and Bruno in the HOF

MAILBAG: Does WWE Really Think Its Fans Are Stupid?

One reader is annoying by a storyline inconsistency from Raw — plus, Daniel Bryan's skin condition, Goldberg and Jericho heat, and the Rock/Mankind "I Quit" Match

MAILBAG: What Is With All The Internet Hate For Randy Orton?

Why is The Viper so hated by certain fans? -- plus, will Triple H hold gold again, what killed the Nexus storyline and who is the longest tenured WWE star?

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