Sound Off 92: Gimme Mah Gun, I’m Off To War Brother!


Solomonster Sounds Off

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 92)

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Est. Runtime: 64 minutes

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Some of the topics discussed in this edition of the Sound Off include:

| Hulk Hogan and TNA rekindle the Monday Night Wars with WWE on January 4th, including a look at who may debut thAt night and Hogan’s ridiculous prediction on the “iMPACT!” rating

| Bobby Lashley signs with Strikeforce to continue his MMA career, but will he still be able to wrestle?

| Thoughts on Mark Cuban on Raw and the one thing WWE did wrong in his final segment with Sheamus

| TLC thoughts and predictions and which match should be the sleeper of the PPV

| A rant on another INCREDIBLY STUPID SEGMENT produced by TNA that not only does NOT make television, but is made to look like a REHEARSAL of a segment (idiots!)

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