SEScoops Mailbag: Is WWE Planning a WCW Reunion Show?


SEScoops Mailbag for November 19th

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Q: Do you think that if John Cena is “fired” at Survivor Series that WWE will use Cena to tie in to the Vince McMahon coma storyline? I know there is no way they would actually fire Cena, so if he does get “fired”, maybe they could have him visiting Vince each week, trying to get him out of the coma? Plus, they haven’t really done much with the coma storyline. Last time I remember seeing Vince was when Nexus attacked him and then when he was supposedly in a coma. – Sharla

A: First of all, we don’t know that there really is a coma storyline with the Mr. McMahon character. That may very well have been a one-off comedy skit meant to play off Linda’s senate campaign because neither before nor after that have we heard anything about McMahon’s condition since the Nexus attack. That said, if it is indeed part of the storyline, I suppose one thing they could do is have Cena do the right thing and help Orton retain the title. Barrett fires him, only for Vince to come walking out, finally out of his coma, and immediately reinstate Cena. Of course, if that were to happen, it would render this entire storyline meaningless and further erode the value of match stipulations, which WWE does not need. Plus, it would just piss a lot of people off.

Q: Who books Raw? And what were the plans for Brian Pillman before his death? – Lenny C.

A: The head writer for Raw is Brian Gewirtz, though the buck stops with Vince McMahon on all matters related to booking. As for Pillman, he was involved in a kidnap storyline at the time of his death with Terri Runnels and Goldust. I believe the plan was for Terri, seemingly held against her will by Brian for weeks, to turn on Dustin and remain with Pillman. Beyond that, Brian was very limited in what he could do in the ring at that point and was in constant pain due to the fused ankle that resulted from his auto accident in 1996.

Q: Why doesn’t Yukes or WWE beta test their games before releasing them on the PS2? I recently bought Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 and it’s FULL of glitches! – Ryan Begley

A: Wait, you’re still using a PS2? There’s your answer.

Q: I’ve been noticing this for as long as this whole story line has been running, but how come everytime Michael Cole gets an e-mail from the Raw GM is he looking downward and reading? We can obviously see the script he is reading from on the podium, but does he have to be so obvious? WWE might need to go back and look at the camera angles and see how stupid and fake this looks. – Terrell from Virginia

A: I have noticed this, too. It’s extremely aggravating, but this entire storyline has been so over the top, I try not to get too upset about something so minor. Really, all Cole has to do is skim the script real quick and simply pretend to be looking at the screen when he speaks. He’s a former news reporter, memorizing a few lines of copy and reciting them without looking shouldn’t be all that difficult.

Q: Why is TNA so full of themselves? Truth be told, they have some things going for them, but when it all comes down to it, the fact that they keep referring to themselves as the best pro wrestling on TV is tremendously and clearly false. – Ryan

A: What do you want them to say? We’re the second best pro wrestling show on TV, so watch ROH on HDNet if you want to see the best? Or better yet, we do sports entertainment better than anyone else, except WWE, but we just copy them anyway so watch us instead! Seriously, I can fault TNA for PLENTY of things, but promoting your product as the best is not one of them. Every company does this, as well they should.

Q: I’m wondering if you remember a tag team that Jim Cornette managed in WWE in the mid-90’s. They were 2 fat guys with baggy trousers (kind of Arabian-looking attire), they came out and attacked someone and were awful! I remember one of them even fell off the top rope! After that they never appeared again. Any help would be much appreciated! – Ross Irvin

A: You’re thinking of The Headhunters, who were twin brothers and made very brief appearances in the WWF in 1996-97. They debuted at the ’96 Royal Rumble as members of The Squat Team and were each eliminated in under two minutes. They also appeared the following year on Monday Night Raw as The Arabian Butchers, managed by Cornette. The fact that they didn’t stick around very long should tell you all you need to know about their in-ring ability.

Q: If WWE had Kaval turn heel and use his title shot he earned by winning NXT to beat Dolph Ziggler, would it be a good idea if they put him in a feud with Daniel Bryan? I think they have the potential to have great matches. – Marcus

A: Well, you were partially right (this question was sent before Kaval’s IC title bout with Dolph Ziggler was announced for Survivor Series), so kudos to you. And you’re right, it would make for a fantastic program with Daniel Bryan. I suppose if they wanted to go that route, Kaval could win the Intercontinental title and they could put the two of them together to unify the titles, but I haven’t heard anything about them unifying the remaining belts after doing so with the Women’s and Tag titles.

Q: Granted, I’ve missed the last two TNA Impacts, but WHAT THE HELL happened to London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe, Brutus Magnus and Chelsea)?! – Slic Ric

A: Are you sure you’ve only missed the last two shows? Desmond Wolfe has been off TNA television since late August. It was cited as a “personal reason” at the time and the belief is that it may have something to do with lingering concussion issues. Magnus did not do anything wrong, but he was being kept off TV in the interim, as well, and has since wrestled on their “Xplosion” show. No word on when London Brawling may return.

Q: I was recently searching for tickets to an event on Ticketmaster when I came across an advertisement for a WCW show next summer. The really weird part is that the date of the show coincides with the 15th anniversary of the formation of the NWO. Is this true or false? Is there going to be some sort of WCW reunion? – Justin

A: The New World Order was formed at the “Bash at the Beach” show on July 7th, 1996. Next year, July 7th falls on a Thursday, which would make such a show unlikely if they wanted it on TV. When I tried to search for it myself, nothing comes up. For what it’s worth, after the Old School Raw on Monday night, there was talk within WWE of doing a similar tribute show for WCW Monday Nitro. Personally, I can’t see it, especially when so much of their old talent is currently under contract with TNA.

Q: When will you invade TNA Impact? – Richard Agosto

A: Umm, I don’t want to. In fact, I do everything in my power to keep as far away from them as possible. Also, lay off the glue.

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