MAILBAG: Displaying A Love/Hate Relationship With TNA Impact!


SEScoops Mailbag for December 17th

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Q: I’m sitting here watching the end of Impact for the first time in a long while, and I must admit, I was pretty impressed with the Jarrett MMA challenge angle. If they actually follow through on this and go for a big pay-off between Angle and Jarrett down the line, that would be huge. Of course, with Russo and Bischoff, et al. in the driver’s seat, one cannot rule out the possibility that this is leading to absolutely nothing. What are your thoughts? – Tim S.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: After receiving this mostly complimentary question regarding TNA, we received this follow-up from the same reader, a fine example of how TNA tends to drive most people absolutely nutty with its booking)

Now that I’ve actually seen the end of Impact, I remember why I lost interest in the first place: TNA has the most disorganized, clusterf*ck roster and booking style in wrestling. They’re almost the opposite extreme from the WWE, who can’t go a single week without a show centered around John Cena. TNA has some of the best wrestlers in the world, but instead of matches that showcase that talent, we get lame ass gimmicks and completely predictable run-ins for EVERY match. – Tim S.

A: It’s an interesting angle, and I did get a kick out of the video they posted online a few weeks ago showing Jarrett tapping out little kids at a dojo (hmm that doesn’t sound right). That said, the fact that Jeff Jarrett is suddenly an MMA expert after a few weeks is comical, though that may be the point of the entire angle. Building to a submission match with Kurt Angle is the best way to go and it sounds like the two of them will be having an “exhibition” at their January PPV.

Q: If Brock Lesnar was still in WWE, do you think John Cena would have been as successful? – Brian

A: I don’t really see what one has to do with the other. I don’t think Lesnar would want to work in a PG-WWE anyway (the same reason Batista gives for leaving), but my guess is they would have been kept on separate brands and Cena would have become a big star regardless.

Q: Two questions for you: Is there a legit chance that WWE will put Owen Hart in the Hall Of Fame while they are on good terms with Bret Hart, perhaps as a way to also smooth things over with Owen’s widow? Also, when Owen and Bret Hart feuded, they had some classic matches. Do you think by splitting up Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith they are trying to create the same sort of matches? – Matt Cross

A: Being on good terms or not with Bret has little to do with putting Owen in the Hall of Fame. WWE is still tied up in litigation with Martha, Owen’s widow, and so long as that continues, there’s no chance of him being inducted. Once everything is settled, there’s a better chance, but they will never be able to smooth things over with Martha. She has nothing but contempt for Vince McMahon and WWE. As for the Hart Dynasty, I’d love to see them have classic matches in the same vein as Bret and Owen, but sadly, that is not what WWE has in mind. In fact, I think their greatest goal in all of this is likely just to get Tyson’s new bodyguard, Jackson Andrews, over with the audience. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get over new talent, but great wrestling matches between the two former partners is not going to be their priority.

Q: Do you think Kane and Miz vs. Undertaker and Randy Orton for the World and WWE titles would make for a good WrestleMania match? – Mark V.

A: I’m not a fan of singles titles, let alone your two top titles at that, being decided in tag team matches. They should be decided in SINGLES matches. I know, what a concept. Beyond that, I don’t like the idea of wasting Undertaker or Miz in tag team matches on the biggest show of the year. It would only make sense for Taker if he is unable to fully recover from his recent shoulder surgery in time and can’t do a singles match.

Q: If you were Vince McMahon and could sign a few talents away from TNA, who would they be? My choices would be Fortune (at least Beer Money) and Matt Morgan. By the way, do these guys get paid well? Why wouldn’t they go to WWE to get paid better and more exposure? – Gerardo I.

A: I’d try to get my hands on Beer Money, the Machine Guns and Generation Me for the express purpose of trying to reinvigorate the tag team scene in WWE. As for the pay scale in TNA, it differs based on your position on the card just as it would anywhere else. Someone like Shark Boy is not getting paid nearly as well as Kurt Angle. I believe many guys are working on a per night deal, whereas others have contracts, but no one is making even close to what the top-tier main eventers are pulling in WWE. To answer the last part of your question, many guys in TNA find the schedule far more attractive and less demanding than WWE, which will sometimes trump more money or added exposure. Cheap plug alert, but I would suggest you download Sound Off 127, available in the Audio section on this very website. It’s an entire podcast devoted to evaluating most every aspect of WWE’s business model, including which TNA and ROH talents I would make a play for.

Q: Do you think WWE would ever try to adopt the Suicide character considering TNA got rid of him? – Jayson

A: Absolutely not. Suicide is a trademarked TNA character and, besides, we all know how Vince McMahon feels about using characters than he himself did not help create.

Q: Can WWE file another motion against the World Wildlife Fund for Nature and regain the rights to use the initials WWF, at the very least if not for use as a logo, then for rights to use it in their DVDs and home videos? I’m really distracted, annoyed and bothered because of the WWF scratch logo blurring/muting and I watch them reluctantly and in discomfort. – Jack White

A: I suppose they could try, but at this point, it wouldn’t be worth the cost in legal fees. They’ve adjusted rather well to using the WWE initials and while I agree that it’s very annoying to see the blurring in all the Attitude Era footage, it’s just something we all have to deal with. If you’re doing something reluctantly and are in great discomfort, I would suggest not partaking in said activity.

Q: How come WWE didn’t trademark Jeff Hardy’s old theme music? I’ve been hearing it in the background of a lot of other TV shows lately. – Ryan Begley

A: That might have something to do with the fact that WWE did not create the song themselves. In fact, it was being used in TV promos before they ever started using it as music for the Hardys (which would also be why it was never released as part of any WWE albums). It’s what is called “stock” or production music.

Q: When is NXT taped? Also, why can’t WWE show the Attitude Era logo, but it’s okay for them to use the earlier logos? – Josh H.

A: NXT is taped just prior to Smackdown on Tuesdays. As for the scratch logo, that is the one the UK courts banned, I suppose because the wildlife fund folks claimed it was causing confusion in the marketplace (not sure I agree as their own logo looks nothing like that one). For whatever reason, they ruled it was fine for them to continue using the old block letter logos.

Q: I was wandering your thoughts on who the best fighter of the year is between WWE and UFC and your thoughts a title unification between Kane and Kane velazques? then edge could beat two Kane’s lol. Why lesnars managers took away the f 5 special, he would still be champion if he used it against Kane. – Eric

A: This was a real question. I’m sad the Slammies are over and I could not nominate this question for “Knucklehead of the Year”. I’d love to hear his acceptance speech.

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