MAILBAG: Is The Undertaker Planning To Leave WWE for UFC?


SEScoops Mailbag for December 23rd

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Q: When will we see Vince McMahon on TV again? Now that his wife’s campaign is over, I read that he is playing a larger role in the company again and also signed a new “talent” contract with WWE. Also, it’s well known that Vince is not a fan of tag team wrestling. Are we to expect the tag team division to be phased out and the titles retired? – Nolan

A: Hopefully, we won’t see Vince back on TV for some time. He works best in small doses at this point. As for “phasing out” the tag team division, I might ask what tag team division are you talking about? The Usos may be their only legitimate team remaining and they’re treated like jobbers. Vince has been phasing out their tag ranks for quite some time now, but I don’t think they will ever retire the titles. How else then would they recycle the oft-used storyline of feuding superstars forced to team up as reluctant partners who happen to win the belts?

Q: You guys reported a couple of weeks ago the Vince McMahon signed a new contract with WWE, but can be fired. I thought he owns the company? How can he be fired and why did he sign a new contract? – Brian Pulley

A: WWE is a publically traded company now and has been since 1999. It will of course never happen, but he can, in fact, be terminated with sufficient support from Board members. I find it interesting that his new contract stipulates that were he to be fired, he would retain all intellectual property rights to his name and character, a luxury not often afforded to his other performers. Can you imagine Vince showing up in TNA one night and Mike Tenay shouting, “Holy shit, what’s Vance McMuffin doing in the Impact Zone!?”

Q: Was Magnum T.A. supposed to be “The Next Big Thing” (yes pun intended) before the unfortunate car wreck that ended his career? – Andrew

A: Yes, many people viewed Terry Allen as a future NWA champion, and he likely would have been. That said, there are also many people who feel that Magnum was somewhat overrated and lacked the necessary promo ability to truly get himself over to that next level. Unfortunately, we will never know how far he would have gotten before he wrapped his Porsche around that telephone pole in 1986.

Q: With Undertaker injured and the recent stare down between him and Brock Lesnar, is it possible that Taker will leave WWE and go to UFC?

A: I would love to see a state commission approve a fighting license for a near 50-year old man with bad knees, bad hips and a severely damaged shoulder. No, he’s not going to UFC.

Q: What’s the deal with minorities in WWE? R-Truth was a joke as US champion. He had the belt for like 2 weeks and is doing nothing now. They gave [Jack] Swagger the belt, but not MVP? Cryme Tyme was over with the crowd, but never won the Tag belts, they released Shad and put JTG in a stereotypical “st8 outta bk” segment. Only way Kofi has a chance at the [Smackdown] belt (which isn’t even the main belt) is if they get rid of Michael Hayes. And the crazy thing is I’m bi-racial and I can see WWE discriminates against ethnic groups. – Cam

A: You may be bi-racial, but that’s no excuse for poor grammar. I’m exhausted after editing that question. Sorry, I’m cranky today. If your main point is to argue that WWE places certain minorities in stereotypical, mid-card roles for comedy and that this practice is unfair, then I would agree with you. However, if your argument is that WWE discriminates against black people by holding them down, I would have to disagree. There have been several successful African-American performers in WWE, and frankly, if they think someone can make money for them, they would at least give that person a chance. MVP made a stupid comment backstage to a drug tester and paid the price for it. His race had nothing to do with it. It also sounds like you’re arguing that Michael Hayes is a racist and, therefore, no black people will ever get over on Smackdown. While Hayes has said some dumb things before that have gotten him in hot water, I challenge you to provide evidence of racial discrimination on his part translating into storylines. That’s a pretty strong accusation to levy against someone. At least provide some proof before doing so.

Q: If TNA doesn’t get their act together, can you give us a date of death for TNA? Also, would Vince [McMahon] purchase TNA or let them burn and rot in the abyss of Hell? – Justin

A: Nice Abyss reference there, buddy. My guess is Vince would make a play to buy their video library for WWE’s upcoming cable network, as well as their intellectual property (i.e. event titles, logos, etc). As for TNA’s date of death, it’s either the day Spike TV pulls the plug on their deal or Bob Carter decides he’s tired of losing money.

Q: Why don’t Asians get pushed in WWE? Will an Asian ever be the face of the company? – Will

A: If you can find an Asian that can talk, wrestle, make all of his media commitments and happens to be at least 6-feet tall, then yes, he can be the face of WWE.

Q: Given the recent events surrounding Nexus, do you see the ‘beginning of the end’ for them, and if not, when do you see it? Personally, as I have posted numerous times on this very website, I think if Vince McMahon wanted us to really take them seriously, they would have won at SummerSlam. – Superstar Nick Adams

A: As I understand it, WWE had booking plans already set for Nexus through February (at least as of a few weeks ago), so we haven’t seen the last of them yet. Losing at Summerslam to Team WWE stalled their momentum a lot, but rest assured, Vince was behind Nexus all the way and wanted them to succeed. It was like his little pet project. I think they just fell victim to the “happy ending” syndrome (funny how I write that after the Asian question) in wanting to send the fans home happy at the end of the pay-per-view.

Q: I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but I was just wondering why Jerry “The King” Lawler has been getting a real big push as of late and become a lot more vocal to how things have been going on Raw? – Kieran A.

A: I’m not aware of any particular reason, though I do find it odd that of all the times to finally use Lawler in an active role, they do so when he’s still recovering from a staph infection in his knee. My only hope is that all of this leads to him getting his long overdue match at WrestleMania. It doesn’t have to be a major match on the card either, but the guy deserves it and has legitimately been bugging Vince McMahon about it for years.

Q: Has John Cena ever lost a match at WrestleMania? – Shane

A: Yes, Cena was pinned in a “Triple Threat” match against Randy Orton and Triple H for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 24. Some say the Gods cried that day.

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