MAILBAG: Did Hulk Hogan Really Place BARS In His Boots?


SEScoops Mailbag for January 13th

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Q: After reading your last mailbag, and the reactions about Chris Benoit being erased from WWE, I was wondering if Benoit had only killed himself and spared his family, would WWE react differently to him instead the way they do now? Could they then put him in the Hall of Fame if things turned out differently during that horrible weekend in 2007? – Frank the Tank

A: Wrestlers have committed suicide before and have not been erased from WWE history, so yes, it would have been a much different situation. I do believe that at some point, they would have inducted him into the Hall of Fame. I don’t want to keep beating a dead horse here, but once you murder another human being (let alone your own wife and child), all bets are off.

Q: Why is Alex Riley still carrying a briefcase to the ring? What’s supposed to be inside there? – Michael

A: It’s simply become part of his gimmick. D-Lo Brown wore that chest protector long after his injuries healed at the hands of Dan Severn. Same with Bob Orton and the cast. Maybe WWE forces him to keep a breathalyzer in there and carry it around with him at all times, just in case.

Q: I know WWE isn’t necessarily about the “long-term plan”, but [here’s an idea]. An up and comer wins Money in the Bank [at Mania], e.g. Del Rio, Barrett, Bryan. Then, instead of holding onto the briefcase and using it on a vulnerable champ, they say they will wait to ensure that they are able to headline WrestleMania next year. WWE could spend the rest of the year building this person up to the point where they can legitimately be viewed as someone who could main event the biggest show of the year. I know the scenario is highly unlikely, but if done right it could potentially skyrocket one of the newer stars into upper card status. What do you think? – Geremy Kerr

A: I would have no problem with that idea. In fact, I’ve advocated this in the past and am disappointed they continue to go the predictable route of having virtually every MiTB winner cash in on a vulnerable champion and win. If I recall correctly, after Mr. Kennedy won the briefcase at Mania 23, he had started a countdown to Mania the following year where the plan was that he would cash in at that time, but then he got hurt, Edge took his spot and they got the title off an ailing Undertaker. I know WWE saw that match between Miz and Morrison on Raw as a way to “toughen” Miz’s image in the eyes of the fans, but it would have worked far better to have him hold onto the briefcase and announce in advance that he was planning to cash in against the champion at Mania. He would have taken on the champion head on and proven himself worthy of main event status with a strong performance, even in defeat.

Q: I heard from a friend that when Hulk Hogan wrestled and did his legdrop, he would put some bars in his boots to make it hurt more. This is probably fake, but do you know if it’s true? – Harrison M.

A: Bars? Like Hershey bars? Gold bars? Lever 2000? Okay, enough of that. No, it’s not true. Maybe your friend should stay away from bars, if you catch my drift.

Q: I was recently watching The Rock vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and realized how much people were booing Rock and cheering Lesnar. Was this because they knew Rock was leaving so they booed him, [similar to] when Lesnar left and everyone knew he was leaving? Also, did The Rock know he was only back for a short time when he returned that year? – Michael R.

A: I think that was part of it, and also because they were in New York (Nassau Coliseum) and fans tend to think they’re smarter when it comes to stuff like that. Plus, Brock had his share of fans at the time as well as he had been booked like a monster up to that point. As for Rock, yes he knew he would not be back for a long run. That’s part of the reason they made him a transitional champion and he had no problem putting over Brock as, no pun intended, the next big thing.

Q: If you could pick the Hall of Fame class for this year, who would you pick? And when is Vince McMahon going to be inducted in the HOF? – Joe Rampage

A: My personal picks would be Randy Savage and Elizabeth, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Bob Backlund and Demolition. If we’re doing a WCW/NWA-themed class since Mania is in Atlanta, I’d go with Sting, Lex Luger, Big Van Vader, Arn Anderson, Ron Simmons and the Road Warriors. Referee Tommy Young would be a fine choice, as well. As for Vince, he will definitely take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame, but not until he is dead or retired because, well, that would just look bad.

Q: Could Jonathan Coachman be making a return as the Raw GM? We all know that Vince was very fond of him and when Vince announced the new anonymous GM, he seemed pretty happy. – Rory

A: Check the recent mailbags as I addressed a question about Coachman already. He’s very happy working for ESPN and will not be the Raw GM.

Q: Is there a specific reason why Shawn Michaels didn’t say a single word the whole time he was on screen on Monday? He grabbed a microphone and everything. – Ryan B.

A: That’s just the way the segment was scripted. They don’t want him saying too much before the Hall of Fame so they can save it for the actual ceremony and DVD release. They’re counting on him to be the big draw for it this year.

Q: Any chance we will see a possible WrestleMania rematch between Sheamus and Triple H? Their WM26 match was fantastic. – Mark

A: There’s a fairly good chance, although part of me wonders if Hunter would want to do that same match two years in a row. Perhaps if Triple H returns at the Royal Rumble, they will set up for a singles match between he and Sheamus at the Elimination Chamber PPV and then shift him into a different program for Mania. Either way, it’s a safe bet you will get to see the rematch sometime soon. My concern is that with all the clean jobs Sheamus has been doing of late, he really can’t afford another loss here.

Q: If MMA (and UFC in particular) had gained popularity and recognition at an earlier point in time, for example in the mid 90’s or earlier, which WWE/WCW superstars do you believe would have bypassed wrestling and gone in to MMA? Which of those do you think would have fared well and which would have ended up in wrestling anyway? – Paul Phillips

A: This is an impossible question to answer, but it’s fun to try. Vader in his prime would have made a great heavyweight. Even in WCW, he was legit beating the crap out of people left and right to the point where people shivered if they saw their name listed opposite his on the board backstage. Haku/Meng was known to be one of the toughest and most feared men in wrestling, so he likely would have had a shot with the proper MMA training. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, even though he didn’t fare too well in WWF’s Braw for All years later, would have been another good choice. Despite what he says now, if Undertaker would tried MMA early in his career, I believe he would have ended up right back in wrestling.

Q: Do you know if Vicki Guerrero has a finishing move? May I make the suggestion of the “5 Star Hog Splash”? – Bright Knives

A: That might have been funny if the woman had not shed over 30 pounds in recent months. I hate it when WWE mocks her for it because other people follow like sheep. Way to keep your product classy, Vince. I’m sure you’ll get those car commercials you want in no time.

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