Chris Jericho Believes Wrestling Could Be An Olympic Sport

Chris Jericho believes wrestling should be included as a Olympic sport.

Pro Wrestling has always found itself battling for legitimacy in the broader climate of sports. Those who are not familiar still think of it as a fake performance instead of a scripted art form similar to many performing arts. The AEW star has a great idea to help it attain the respect it deserves.

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The former AEW Champion recently appeared on the Blocks Podcast to discuss things such as what it means to be an entertainer, how long he will continue performing and more.

During the interview, Jericho floated a very interesting idea, suggesting that pro wrestling could be included in Olympics similar to any other sport that is judged on points:

“I’ve started to really think about how pro wrestling could easily be an Olympic sport, because it’s a athletic display between two people, much like figure skating or synchronized swimming or anything else that’s judged on points.”

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Chris Jericho Explains How Wrestling In Olympics Would Work

Chris Jericho explained that wrestlers from different countries can put together matches to the best of their abilities. They can then be judged on their performances instead of the outcome of the match:

“Think about that. So let’s say I’m from Canada. Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, best wrestlers from Canada. We put together our routine, and then you got you know, Will Ospreay and Michael Oku from England. They put together their routine.

Then you got you know Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, from the United States putting together their routine. Then the judges would say, ‘Okay, this was the best,’ It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Like figure skating.”

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The 2024 Summer Olympics, branded as Paris Olympics 2024 is set to begin later this month in France. The opening ceremony will be taking place on July 26 with some competitions starting as early as July 24. The 2024 edition will notably feature the debut of breakdancing as an Olympic event.

Apart from this, The Learning Tree also talked about things such as his start in wrestling, the backstage politics he had to deal with in 90s, and how things have changed since then.