Mercedes Mone Unhappy With Britt Baker Stealing Her Spotlight At Forbidden Door 2024

Mercedes Mone is unhappy with Britt Baker trying to steal her spotlight at Forbidden Door 2024 and she has invited the DMD for a confrontation.

The AEW TBS Champion picked up a big victory at the company’s latest PPV. She defeated Stephanie Vaquer to win the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship. Though she couldn’t celebrate for long as Britt Baker made her return and stared down the former WWE star.

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The double champion took part in the post Forbidden Door media scrum where she was asked about having a double target on her back and if she had any message for someone coming after her. Mercedes Mone claimed that there is a price to pay for anyone who interrupts her:

“Well, I know a certain bitch wanted to come out and decided to steal my spotlight, right? But that’s not gonna happen, because I’m gonna party all night long and show her that I am Mercedes Mone for a reason. And there’s a price to pay when you interrupt me ok.”

Mercedes Mone Teases Britt Baker Confrontation

Mercedes then reiterated that she is the biggest free agent signing in AEW history before inviting Baker for a confrontation at this Wednesday’s Dynamite:

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“Tonight was about me and my celebration. Who the hell does Britt Baker thinks that she is? She wants to show up to my show? I understand she is the first ever woman to sign here in AEW. But Tony, am I correct that I am the biggest free agent that you’ve ever signed here? So this Wednesday at Dynamite, to any woman who wants to come out here and steal my spotlight — it’s on.”

Britt Baker has been away from ring for more than 9 months. She last competed against Kris Statlander at the September 16, 2023 episode of AEW Collision. Now it’d be interesting to see what the company has planned for the former women’s champion.

You can check out the full Forbidden Door 2024 media scrum below:

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