What Was Originally Planned For Scrapped Raw Women’s Steel Cage Match?

Fans were left extremely disappointed with this week’s Steel Cage match on Monday Night Raw, which did not go as planned.

The match, pitting Damage CTRL’s Bayley against Becky Lynch, had been promoted all week long, and had been as one of the main attractions for Raw’s 30th-anniversary episode.

Instead of a match, Lynch was attacked by WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai during her entrance and thrown into the ring.

Locking the cage door, the SKY, Kai, and Bayley beat down on Lynch, and left only after Adam Pearce had broken the lock on the cage door.

Original Plans

The Steel Cage match WWE had planned had to be scrapped due to segments earlier in the episode going long.

It has been reported that the Trial of Sami Zayn that opened up this week’s Raw went much longer than expected.

PW Insider reports that the plan for the cage match was for Lynch to win, and then be attacked post-match by Damage CTRL.

There has been no confirmation yet as to whether this match will be used in full down the line.


WWE felt it was the right call to scrap the Steel Cage match, as the alternative was having the actual match go for approximately two minutes.

However, the decision to scrap the match has led to backlash by fans, who have called into question WWE’s treatment of their women for the Raw is 30 event.

After Raw, the hashtag #WWEWomenDeserveBetter trended on Twitter, with many feeling this week’s show was a slap in the face to the ‘Women’s Revolution.’

On Twitter, the Bella Twins expressed their support for the hashtag, after previously being advertised for the show, but didn’t appear on the program.

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