John Cena On Wearing Jorts: ‘People Don’t Want To See My Ugly Bits’

John Cena has shared his reasons for why he’s chosen to don jean shorts (aka Jorts) for much of his career as a WWE Superstar.

Cena infamously debuted on a June 2002 edition of WWE SmackDown by answering Kurt Angle’s open challenge wearing plain-looking trunks. It wouldn’t be until his ‘white rapper’ gimmick that Cena would begin wearing jorts, a look he continues to wear for matches to this day.

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John Cena On His Jorts

With Cena’s career in WWE winding down, the 16-time WWE World Champion has been in a reflective mood. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Cena shared his reasoning for sticking with his jorts for over two decades.

“The reason I wear jorts is because I’ve tried everything. Denim is really durable—it doesn’t rip a lot as long as you can find a good fit. I don’t need any families attending a WWE event looking at my ugly bits All you need to do is find something that fits around the butt and the thigh, because I always wear a drawstring belt. A belt buckle, you can really get messed up on. I’ve learned this through failure. It can stab you, it can scratch you, it can scrape you and it can also cause damage to opponents and referees. This is not a good piece of equipment.”

While Cena can be seen wearing suits in public appearances outside WWE, odds are he’ll be rocking the jorts for what will be his final year as an in-ring talent. At WWE Money in the Bank 2024, Cena shared that he will retire from wrestling next year and is set to embark on a retirement tour. At this time, several details about this tour are unknown though fans can expect John to receive a fitting send-off by WWE.

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