The Wyatt Sicks Tapes Are Filmed At A Familiar Location

There's some attention to detail with the Wyatt Sicks tapes.

The Wyatt Sicks have caught the intrigue of pro wrestling fans, and what the group has been up to hasn’t been without intent.

The 7/1 episode of WWE RAW featured the group targeting Chad Gable once again as another VHS tape was dropped off to Michael Cole. The tape featured another Bo Dallas conversation with Uncle Howdy. Dallas expressed his disgust at a “false prophet” benefitting off his “family.” That “fake prophet” was all but confirmed by Gable himself shortly after.

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The “tale of the tape” took to fan discussion on social media, and some interesting discoveries were made regarding where Dallas’ conversaton with “Uncle Howdy” took place.

A screenshot of the tape shows the dark backdrop to the “interview” and it happens to have an eerie resemblance to The Firefly Funhouse.

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Giving a nod back to the Funhouse makes a lot of sense considering The Wyatt Sicks members have adopted their personas off the characters who once resided there.

Unfortunately for Gable, he may not have any added protection after being hunted by The Wyatt Sicks. Otis was approached by Chad once again for help, but his friend denied Gable for help once more.

Ever since The Wyatt Sicks debuted, Gable has been their primary focus as they notoriously left him