Bryan Danielson advances in the Owen Hart Tournament at AEW Forbidden Door 2024

Bryan Danielson has advanced in the Owen Hart Tournament after defeating Shingo Takagi at the AEW Forbidden Door 2024 PPV event.

It was a fantastic back and forth match between both competitors, with the winner set to face PAC ahead of All In at Wembley Stadium in August.

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It was confirmed that PAC vs Danielson will be taking place this week on the special AEW Dynamite Beach Break themed event.

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Bryan Danielson vs Shingo Takagi at AEW Forbidden Door 2024

Speaking ahead of the match with Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated, Takagi revealed that he saw the match as a dream match for the fans.

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“If the fans are happy, then I’m happy. I think this is the result and a recognition of all that Bryan has accomplished in his career, and all I’ve done in my career. I like that this will be on display worldwide. The whole world will see true ‘Made in Japan’ spirit. It’s a real dream match, a real dream situation for the fans worldwide. This is something that will send shockwaves through the wrestling world.”

It is not currently known if Danielson is planned to go all the way in the tournament, as a rumored match with Nigel McGuinness has apparently been on the cards for some time and it was expected to have taken place at All In last year before Danielson was injured.

Danielson is winding down his in-ring career this year, so the prospect of getting another match between he and his hated ROH rival one more time at the biggest venue possible in London, England could be too good to pass up for Tony Khan and co.

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