TNA vs. NXT Match Set for this Thursday on TNA iMPACT

Dempsey will cross the line to take on Wentz on the upcoming TNA iMPACT episode.

Wrestling fans will be in for a treat on the July 11 episode of TNA Wrestling iMPACT. The episode features WWE superstar Charlie Dempsey taking on Zachary Wentz. Dempsey surprised fans when he made his TNA debut last week by attacking Wentz, Trey Miguel, and Leon Slater. Wentz comes into the match motivated to prove that NXT talent can’t do whatever they want in TNA.

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Dempsey’s debut had the wrestling community buzzing as WWE continues to embrace a working relationship with TNA. The partnership has resulted in fan interest and talent from both rosters looking to work together. That said, Wentz felt in storyline that Dempsey’s actions were inexcusable and is ready to make an example out of him this Thursday.

In the aftermath of the WWE superstar’s assault, Wentz did a passionate promo about how he plans to get revenge. The former Impact World Tag Team Champion also acknowledged his past competing in NXT and shared that the company doesn’t allow Dempsey to attack people to make a name for himself, so he shouldn’t do it in TNA.

“…Charlie Dempsey, I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, but you are not going to do it here. You are not going to make a name here. You are not going to make a name off of Zachary Wentz. You are not going to make a name off of Trey Miguel, and you are certainly not going to make a name off of our home, TNA,” said Wentz.

The fiery promo led to the match being official and marked the first storyline of a WWE superstar invading TNA. It’s worth noting that although the match will occur this week, the episode is a taped show, and the results are out. Regardless, the crossover matchup could get fans interested in tuning in to see what will happen.

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TNA Superstar Joe Hendry Teased For An NXT Return

WWE fans noticed on July 7 that as Heatwave was going off the air, TNA fan-favorite Joe Hendry was quickly teased for a return to NXT. In addition, WWE has begun to advertise the July 9 episode of NXT and is continuing to show Hendry briefly.

This has led fans to believe that the TNA superstar could return to the developmental brand as soon as this week’s episode. The last time he appeared, Hendry was eliminated early from a Battle Royal Match to determine the number one contender for the WWE NXT Championship on the June 18 NXT show. Despite the anti-climatic exit from the match, he had a confrontation with Shawn Michaels backstage that set up the impression that he wasn’t done with the brand.

The ongoing relationship between WWE and TNA is providing fans with unpredictably no idea who will show up for either company. Dempsey’s storyline of invading TNA and Hendry’s potential return to NXT is seemingly a great way to get eyes on both NXT and TNA iMPACT this week. Hopefully, the partnership will continue to thrive so fans can see dream matches that were thought to be impossible.