Nick Aldis Reveals His Reaction To Being Suspended By NWA

The public feud between Nick Aldis and NWA owner Billy Corgan has become a trending topic of discussion very fast. It all started when the former NWA champion announced on social media earlier this week that he had given his notice to the company. In response to this, the promotion suspended the heavyweight star.

Aldis recently appeared on the Not Sam Wrestling podcast. He opened up about his issues with Billy Corgan and NWA in detail. When asked how he reacted to his suspension from the organization, Nick claimed that he didn’t even know about it, until someone reached out to him:

“‘Okay’ That’s pretty much what I said ‘Okay.’ One of the wrestling media guys [reached out]. Like, ‘Can you comment on being suspended?’ I went ‘Hein? Wait, I just gave my notice.’

It’s kind of like, to me I just likened it to be like when you’re in like high school or grade school. It’s like, ‘I broke up with him.’ ‘No, I broke up with him'”

– Nick Aldis

Apart from this, Nick also detailed the issues that led to him making the decision to leave NWA. According to him, he was wearing a lot of hats in the company without being compensated for it. The former TNA star claimed that Billy Corgan also put him in an uncomfortable position by asking to intervene when Corgan had a fallout with Thunder Rosa, which wasn’t his job.

You can watch Nick Aldis’ full interview below:

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