Corey Graves Makes The Case For Unifying IC And US Championships

After weeks of uncertainty over the future of the tag team titles, WWE finally made the decision to unify the titles. Last week’s episode of SmackDown saw The Usos finally defeating RK-Bro to become the new Unified Tag Team Champions. Since then, people have been discussing whether the company would take the same step with other titles as well. Corey Graves for one, believes that it would be the right thing to do.

Bully Ray recently shared the idea to replace the IC and US championship belts with a new one. Graves has now made the case for more titles to be unified during the latest episode of After The Bell. He talked about The Bloodline now holding the Unified World and Tag Team Championships and said that WWE’s mid-card titles should be next:

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“I wanna talk about what’s on everybody’s mind right now this week, that being all of the gold in the WWE now belongs to The Bloodline. All of the gold meaning Universal World [title, and] now unified Tag Team Champions. Vic, I am just gonna come right out and say it, I think it is time. I think it’s beyond time. I think we take the final step. I think we need to unify the United States and Intercontinental championships as well.”

‘It Makes Everything More Important’: Corey Graves

Corey Graves
Corey Graves. Image Credit:

Corey Graves explained his reasoning behind the move saying that fewer titles will make everything mean more. He admitted that WWE sometimes uses championships to build stories without much effort. He explained that unified champions will be allowed to float from brand to brand and take on emerging challengers. Per Graves, having fewer titles will force stars to get over with their character work rather than just being the champion:

“Having the champions float to me just, it freshens everything up. It makes everything more important because there’s less of them. Supply and demand. If there’s only a handful of titles, the titles all become more valuable. I think it’s high time we do this.”

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